Vereniging van Oud-Employés der "Koninklijke/Shell"

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Op mijn website ( is onder het hoofd "résumé" een vermelding te vinden van het glas applique raam dat ik toendertijd voor de kamer van de heer Goppel mocht ontwerpen en uitvoeren(1963). Ik was werkzaam bij de BPM op de Carel van Bylandtlaan in Den Haag vanaf 1958 en werkte op het KSPLD vanaf 1960 tot en met 1964. Maandblad "OLIE" April 1963 kwam uit met het raam op de frontpagina en een artikel over ander werk waar ik toen mee bezig was. Goede herinneringen!

The Source This commission dates back to the sixties when synthetic materials were rapidly developed and coloured glass mosaic and appliqué windows became very much in vogue. The new glues being developed were strong and transparent and had lasting grip on even the smoothest surfaces. When the director's room of Shell laboratory in Delft had to be redecorated, a glass appliqué was considered prudent. A large window by Jan Hierck executed in the popular technique was already in place in the hallway of the same building. It was a public secret however that he had had the beautiful transparent ICI glue to his disposal. When it was my turn it was imperative that Shell glue should be used. At that time only the Shell Epikote was available, not suitable for this glass-art because of its dark yellow colour. The people in the lab were going to help me out and mix me a glassy transparent glue by mixing small quantities of two components every time I was ready to secure a few pieces of cut glass. It was fun. So primitive. What delightful days to remember! The design alludes to an abstract version of a spontaneous oil-well. I could not resist to add this old, totally discoloured image. The window is no longer there, but I am proud and also grateful that Shell entrusted me the designing and execution of this project.

Annemarie Han-Schooneveldt